Via del lavoro 10, 21040 Jerago con Orago (VA)
Call us: +39 338 3473372
Via del Lavoro, 10 21040 Jerago con Orago (VA)
+39 338 3473372

About us

ViperOne comes from a team with a strong and long passion for the sea.
First of all Luca, who with his charisma and desire to break the mold has embraced and trusted two enterprising young people who put their soul into what they do, and ViperOne is the heart of this trio!
The idea was born in a summer evening of 2017, with the desire to give more life to the Venetian lagoon with the colors and sounds of the holidays and tourist trips, to show the best of what it offers.
Then a revolution “connecting the lagoon to the outside world” to bring it to Croatia, with the knowledge that after a sunset there is always a beautiful sunrise.
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Our Staff

Deborah Ferraris
+39 338 3473372
Luca Magnoni
Nicola Sinigaglia
+39 338 3473372
Phone: +39 338 3473372
21040 Jerago con Orago (VA)
Via del Lavoro, 10